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Ascent Technology organizational structure enables the business to grow, especially following the firm’s structural change implemented in 2015. A company’s corporate structure refers to the anatomy and arrangement of the organization and its components. In Ascent Technology case, the organizational structure stresses the importance of business output. As a dominant player in the sales and service operating system market, the company uses its structure to maintain competitive advantage, in accordance to its strategies. The company’s long-term success depends on the suitability of its corporate structure to market conditions and industry forces.

* Over Fifteen Branches at different Locations
* Over Hundred plus Man-power at present.
* Three hundred fifty million turnover Company in just eleven years.
*Online support for each location.
* Infrastructural arability at different location of eastern India for easy support to costumer.
* A complete Solution for any IT product.
* company policy to keep costumer above all.
* Onsite support for all the location.
* The infrastructure efficiency and excellent working skills of our technical support team.
* Our company is looking forward to further expand the business in the other parts ot the country.
* App based complaint booking.
*Online registration and complaint booking for easy access.
* Local access to company’s management.